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The Next Bear Market Will be the Worst in History...
But it Could Also Make You Rich

On May 15th, two legendary investors will reveal the exact steps you should take today to protect and grow your wealth — before, during, and after the next brutal crash

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Welcome to the private website for the upcoming Bear Market Survival Event.

Your registration is confirmed, and you’re all set to join us at 8pm Eastern tonight.

You'll hear from... Porter Stansberry, founder of Stansberry Research. His firm not only predicted the mortgage meltdown of 2008, and helped thousands of Americans avert catastrophe... they also predicted the stock market Melt-UP that followed — which sent stocks soaring to new, dizzying heights.

You’ll also hear from multi-millionaire former hedge fund manager Jim Rogers, who delivered 4,200% returns through one of the most volatile 10-year periods in recent history...

Plus Senior Analyst and Portfolio Manager Austin Root, a true Wall Street Insider who cut his teeth at Julian Robertson’s Tiger Management and Soros Fund Management (just to name a few).

For one night only, they’re coming forward to detail the critical steps you can take right now to ensure you’re ready for the coming crisis.

They’ll show you exactly how to safely profit from the final phase of this epic bull market and protect yourself from its inevitable collapse.

Along with six powerful strategies that can help you grow your retirement war chest before, during, and after the crash.

May 15th could be the most important night of the year for your wealth... retirement... and peace of mind.

Here’s what you can do right now to prepare:

First, make sure you watch Austin’s short welcome video below. It contains important information about what you can expect on the big night, and how to ensure you don’t miss out on everything Jim and Porter plan to cover:


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To get you ready for the Bear Market Survival Event tonight, we’re assembling everything you need to prepare, including:

Everything you need to know about Jim Rogers and Porter Stansberry — and why the final phase of this bull run will be followed by the worst bear market in modern history.

A "behind-the-scenes" report and video series with some of Stansberry Research’s top analysts, detailing their unique strategies for protecting and growing your wealth (and making money) during a bear market. (We’ll let you know when the first report is posted on May 6th.)

Your free Bear Market Primer: “Why the Next Bear Market Will Be the Worst In Our Lifetimes.” This short but comprehensive report explains today’s fragile financial situation — and the rare profit opportunities that are just beginning to emerge.

We’ve post a stream of updates and content that will help you get the most out of the Bear Market Survival Event tonight.

Remember, Jim believes that the coming bear market will be the worst in his lifetime.

Worse than 1987... 2000... even 2008.

And while most Americans may be totally blindsided, you could actually embrace this event and see windfall returns by taking advantage of Porter and Jim’s favorite “crash-proof” stocks and a few rare opportunities to profit — not just in spite of... but BECAUSE of the ensuing chaos.

You won’t want to miss out on their proven strategies for protecting yourself (and making money) when this bull market finally goes belly up.

How to get the most out of the event:

Don't be shy If you have questions to ask Jim and Porter, we recommend you click here to submit them in advance. (Porter will pick the best, most commonly asked questions to address during the event.)

Set up your Personal VIP Reminder To make sure you don’t miss a minute of the event, make sure you sign up for our VIP reminder service — which will send you one or two text messages, before we get started. To take advantage of this free service, simply click here. (BONUS: All VIP members will receive a bonus report exposing the 10 most dangerous companies in the world right now, that you should avoid at ALL costs — free of charge.)

Claim Your Bear Market Survival Blueprint Make sure you arrive at this private site 5-10 minutes early tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern. When you do, we’ll send you another bonus: Jim and Porter’s Bear Market Survival Blueprint 100% free. This special report details the five actionable steps you can take TODAY to protect yourself and potentially see extraordinary profits — before, during, and after the coming crash. (You’ll receive a link to download your report, shortly after the conclusion of the event.)

Have a Pen and Paper Handy We’re going to cover a lot of material — including the name and ticker symbol of his #1 favorite bear market stock — so you’ll want to take some notes.

Eliminate Distractions Last but not least, we recommend you silence your cell phone and find a quiet place to settle in and enjoy the event. Jim and Porter will move very fast to make the best use of your time — you don’t want to be interrupted.

Introducing our “Bear Market Watch”

A financial crisis rarely has one specific catalyst — rather a straw that breaks the camel’s back.

That's why we've provided a series of short essays and videos about 10 critical Bear Market Signals we’re following at Stanberry Research.

Some of these signals will surprise you. And together, the picture they paint isn’t pretty.

We’re not sharing this research to scare you.

Being scared won’t help you one bit.

Our mission is to help you prepare. And that starts with understanding the scope of the problem that lies ahead — and not hiding from it.

Once you do, it’s absolutely possible to see tremendous gains thanks to what’s left of the bull market... to know when to shift to defense... and even to implement some unique strategies to see big gains when most people are fleeing the markets.

That’s why we’re hosing this Bear Market event while most stocks are still soaring.

As you’ll see, the underlying situation is far more serious than most investors believe.

And right now is the best time to prepare.

If you “bury your head in the sand” and buy into a bubble mentality without considering what could come next — you’re likely to be a victim.

That’s why we’re highlighting these 10 critical signals. 

All of this research is, of course, yours to keep and share with friends and family.

And you’ll be able to access it all right here on our private, attendee-only website. 

I look forward to sharing this critical information with you in the coming days.

To get started, check out the first Bear Market Signal right here. It involves a term that gets thrown around on cable TV and in the financial press... where very few people have the first clue what they’re actually talking about.

But it does matter — a lot. It’s reliably predicted every bear market for the last 70 years. And for the first time in a decade, it’s flashing red today. Check it out.

Bear Market Signal #1:

A Big Warning from a Fancy Term Most People Don’t Get

This signal involves a term that gets thrown around on cable TV and in the financial press... where very few people have the first clue what they’re actually talking about. But it does matter — a lot. It’s reliably predicted every bear market for the last 70 years. And for the first time in a decade, it’s flashing red today.

Read More

Bear Market Signal #2:

The "Bomb" From Washington D.C. Politicians

This bear market signal is a $22 trillion problem that's getting worse every day (with help from the folks in Washington). And it's making another major bear market much more likely.

Read More

Bear Market Signal #3:

Personal Debt at New Highs... And Starting to Turn

Despite a growing economy... near record-low unemployment... and low levels of inflation... American household debt is at a tipping point, and starting to catch up to folks.

Read More

Bear Market Signal #4:

This "Overhang" May Lead to the Collapse of Record Levels of Corporate Debt

Our 4th Bear Market Signal focuses on the third leg of the "credit market." You see, since the last financial crisis, credit has been cheap and easy to access. And during the current credit cycle, the biggest excesses have occurred in this corner of the credit market.

Read More

Bear Market Signal #5:

Video: This Signal Happened Right Before the Last Two Market Crashes

Our 5th Bear Market Signal has only happened three other times in history... all of which were followed by a major bear market or recession. Austin Root give you all the details in a short video.

Watch the Video

Bear Market Signal #6:

Will You Survive the Coming "Great Liquidity Crisis" and Social Upheaval?

A major class war could be coming to our country. J.P. Morgan predicts that what’s about to unfold could lead to the biggest social conflict in half a century.

Read More

Bear Market Signal #7:

This Three-Letter Acronym Means "Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction" May Be in Your 401(k)

This signal focuses more about leverage... and why the sorts of products that Warren Buffett infamously called "financial weapons of mass destruction" might already be in your retirement account.

Read More

Bear Market Signal #8:

Video: Porter's Proprietary Indicator Is Flashing Red

In this video, we're focusing on a proprietary indicator that Porter Stansberry and our research team have developed. We've been following this for years and it’s painting a pretty bleak picture about the markets going forward.

Watch the Video

Bear Market Signal #9:

Video: This Peaking Signal Warned Us of the Last Two Bear Markets

In this video, we'll show you a chart that’s peaked right before the last two major crashes — in 2000 and 2008... and it appears that it has just peaked again.

Watch the Video

Bear Market Signal #10:

Ten Reasons Why the Government Will Not Save You

Our 10th — and final — Bear Market Signal features an incredibly important essay written by two famed economists outlining the 10 reasons why the government will NOT save you.

Read More

Bear Market Primer:

Why the Next Crash Will Be the Worst in Our Lifetimes

Many have forgotten the turmoil of 2008. And they've dismissed the big wake-up call last December (the worst December since the Great Depression), when it looked nearly certain the next big crash was beginning. But now, almost every possible signal is now worse than before the last crisis. The time to prepare is now...

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Exclusive Report for VIP members only:

The 10 Most Dangerous Stocks in America Today

It's no secret that America is struggling with debt. When interest rates rise or a bear market hits — many of these companies will not be able to survive. This exclusive report exposes the 10 most dangerous companies in the world right now, that you should avoid at ALL costs. You’ll want to check that you don’t own them, even through ETFs or mutual funds.

NOTE: You’ll get a complimentary digital copy right away, as soon as you sign up for our convenient reminder service. We’ll send you reminders for this event only and NEVER spam you or share your number with anyone.

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